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From Struggling to Thriving Business

An Australian School Teacher & Part-Time Business Owner Who Beat All Odds by Quitting his Job and Creating A Multi 7-Figure E-Commerce Business in Less Than 12 Months

Become a Thriving Business Leader

If you are reading this, you are likely an entrepreneur, an executive, a business leader, or someone who is looking for fulfilment and meaning in life.

As a matter of fact, you’re probably already achieving great things.

Most of the people I work with are.

As a high achiever though, you know there is always another level. And that next level requires a new level of thinking, raising your standards, developing your leadership capability, and taking massive action.

What does the next level look like for you?

It may be about:

  • Tapping into more inspiration to lead and take bold steps in business
  • Increasing your profit while spending less time working in the business
  • Building and grow a team so you can finally focus on what matters most in business
  • Creating more freedom in business so you can focus on family and health


OR it may be something else.

Whatever it is, I want to help you breakthrough to your next level of excellence.

I look forward to connecting with you, so we can grow your business from a place of inspiration and make an impact through whatever you do.

We have successfully helped business leaders from


Infinite Mindset

12-Week 1:1 Coaching Intensive

Sales Accelerator

12-Week 1:1 Coaching Intensive

Thriving Leadership

12-Week 1:1 Coaching Intensive

Millionaire Marketing

12-Week 1:1 Coaching Intensive

About Rashid Mubashir

Rashid is a sought-after speaker, performance coach and business consultant with a diverse and syncretic approach to business acumen, human behavior, philosophy, psychological sciences, and peak performance. 

Dealing with leaders, entrepreneurs and executives, Rashid speaks and consults on enhancing human performance, sales, marketing, leadership, and business cultures for rapid growth.

Rashid is a reliable source of inspiration and practical know-how in equipping his clients with the latest tools and methodologies to create fast and effective change in personal and professional lives that persists long after his time with them is complete. 

With qualifications extending across professional and executive coaching, psychology, meta-dynamics, neuro-linguistic programming, and entrepreneurial studies, he is also the founder of Thriving Business Program™, The Equilibrium Methodology™ and Inspired Business Growth Formula™, all multi-dimensional business methodologies to creating a smooth and efficient path taking 5-6 figure business earners well on their way to 7 figures and beyond, doing what they love. Besides this, Rashid enjoys playing cricket, learning about human behaviour, philosophy and the meaning of life in the grand scheme of universal laws.

Rashid has recently also started a FREE online community for Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders & Owners who want to scale their businesses, create more freedom and impact. You can join anytime for FREE:

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